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Does your mind chatter when someone speaks?

I was the prisoner of my own thoughts and ideas until I learnt the art of observing them. And the man who brought about this change is OSHO.

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Growing up the psychological barriers were hardest to overcome. How can you fight an invisible enemy that resides within you? It’s tough when you have no idea that the problem even exists.

Like a bad workman, I always blamed my tools. I always thought my miseries are caused by others. Little did I know I was standing in my own way. I was leading myself to the path of destruction.

Wandering in…

Nobody can hear my silent screams

Short story on conditioning
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The young lad was at the funfair with his father. At one end there were rides at the other there were games. But nothing was as amusing as the sight of a big elephant tied to a rope. His disbelief was evident in the way his gaze was fixed upon it in awe. He was perplexed. He looked at his father and asked,

“Dad, I can’t believe it, how could such a gigantic animal be tied to a rope. He can easily escape. Why didn't he?”

His father replied, “Son, there was a time…

Caught in between the fear of perishing and the longing to stay forever

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Once it happened that there was a man who did not want to die. This was not an unusual wish. Deep down we all have the desire to survive and sustain for forever. But the truth is things have to come to an end. But he was not yet ready to accept this reality so he went out to inquire from all the wise men in the town about the ways to prevent death. But no one was able to assist him in his quest for immortality…

When her life was at stake she starts narrating stories.

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A long long time ago there was a king. His wife has been consistently unfaithful to him while he was away. Upon discovering that, he executed her along with those men with whom she betrayed him. It is not known, whether or not the king has been totally faithful to his wife. Since he was “The King” and those were not democratic times like ours where kings can be questioned. Kings were above the law, in fact, they were the law.

Anyways, this incident made him very bitter towards all…

When your only shelter is the blue sky

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It was a chaotic day. Mom and dad were busy packing whatever they thought is going to be useful in the journey they are about to take. Little Khalid, who was 5 years old had a hard time figuring what was going on. They left home in a hurry. They were traveling on foot. The streets were covered in blood. There were corpses all over. Khalid was very tired but there was no time to rest. They reached the dock and boarded the ship. It was jampacked. They could hardly breathe.


Dispel the demon of ignorance with the marvel of wisdom

Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

Once it happened, two friends were stuck in a wonderland. They were called Ragtag and Bobtail. Since they had nothing to do there they got very bored. One day out of the blue Ragtag asked Bobtail, “what do you think we should do if we get $100,000?”. Bobtail thought for a moment and replied, “I would buy 2 Buffalos”. Ragtag said, “you cannot buy buffalos.” “Why?” Bobtail asked. “Because I am planning to buy a farm, and your buffalos will ruin it”. Ragtag replied with great concern.

“I don’t care if your farm is ruined but it is decided that…

For peace what really matters is not made of matter.

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Once there lived an old man in a faraway town named Wisdomville. The whole town sought wisdom from him. One day a young fellow came to meet him. The old man welcomed him in and asked about the purpose of his visit. He said, “I am seeking peace but cannot find it. I have a loving and caring partner. I am blessed with wonderful kids. My business is running quite well. But there is something missing.” The old man listened to him very carefully and instructed him to come the next day.

As instructed, the young fellow returned the next…

There is room for every creation in the Creator’s Garden.

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It was a beautiful morning. The rising sun lit up the whole sky. Dewdrops were scattered over the green grass. Nearby, there was a small garden. It was filled with blooming flowers but there was one particular flower that was very sad. It was Tulip. Its sadness was noticed by the sunflower residing in its neighborhood.

“What makes you sad on such a fine morning". Sunflower asked.

“All the visitors in the garden praises the rose nobody even looks at me. Am I not worth their sight? I wish I was a rose". Tulip replied with teary eyes.

To which…

Pain is inevitable

Everything can vanish in a flash

Photo by Zach Lezniewicz on Unsplash

She was excited about her upcoming 13th birthday. She was sure, as always that her dad will make this a special event for her. But a couple of days before the big day her dad was not feeling well. He visited the doctor’s office who ran some tests on him. As they were waiting for the results her dad promised her that after he recovers they will have a belated birthday celebration.

Three days after her birthday, she was at school when in the middle of the day her name was called. She was told that her brother has come…

Freedom has a cost.

Is it a genuine call or a mindless chant?

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Once there was a retired revolutionist who spent most of his youth behind the bars raising the slogan “Freedom”!! Freedom !! Freedom!!. He decided to move to a peaceful place on the hill to spend his remaining life. To keep him company he bought a talking parrot. Interestingly, he kept the parrot in the cage and taught him the slogan of Freedom. The parrot repeated the slogan over and over.

One day a poet, who was an old friend of the retired revolutionist visited him. Both friends talked about the good old days. The poet couldn’t help but notice the…

Salima Noorani

A passionate writer, who has stories to tell and ideas to share. And a Chartered Certified Accountant by profession.

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