Pain is inevitable

The Departed Soul

Everything can vanish in a flash

She was excited about her upcoming 13th birthday. She was sure, as always that her dad will make this a special event for her. But a couple of days before the big day her dad was not feeling well. He visited the doctor’s office who ran some tests on him. As they were waiting for the results her dad promised her that after he recovers they will have a belated birthday celebration.

Three days after her birthday, she was at school when in the middle of the day her name was called. She was told that her brother has come to pick her up. She couldn’t understand what was happening. When she reached home she found out her dad was no more. She cried but not for long. She didn’t know how to deal with the absence of the most important person in her life. His absence was very present in every moment.

Several years passed, she is still trying to come to terms with the fact that it is the fate of every relation to end. If an everyday conflict or event doesn’t separate you from the one you love, death will. And you cannot do anything about it and the pain is inevitable. People say time heals but time only teaches you how to live with the void the departed soul left.

People are mortal. Nobody can predict when death will strike. Either you are gone or your beloved is snatched away. Whoever is left behind will have tremendous pain to suffer. Are we doing enough to make the time we spent together with our loved ones worthwhile?

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