The Stateless Wanderer

When your only shelter is the blue sky

Photo by Amir Arabshahi on Unsplash

It was a chaotic day. Mom and dad were busy packing whatever they thought is going to be useful in the journey they are about to take. Little Khalid, who was 5 years old had a hard time figuring what was going on. They left home in a hurry. They were traveling on foot. The streets were covered in blood. There were corpses all over. Khalid was very tired but there was no time to rest. They reached the dock and boarded the ship. It was jampacked. They could hardly breathe.

While they were sailing they saw the other ship sank. People were screaming but there was no help. Everyone was scared. Khalid started to cry. Her mother put her arms around him. She tried to console him but it was evident that she was trying hard to be brave. Nobody could tell how long it took to reach their destination. It was an unfamiliar territory and they did not feel welcomed. They started to live in a camp with whatever little surviving tools they got from generous donors.

There are millions of people who became stateless wanderers after fleeing their homeland because it became a war zone. The sudden transition they had to face is traumatic. Apart from the material loss, they had to suffer mental health issues that remain with them for the rest of their lives.

It is hard to imagine what it feels like when you are uprooted from your home and end up in a strange land. You have to start all over again. Have you ever wondered what would you do if you suddenly lose your sense of belonging?

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